This Celtic Bronze Age Bracelet comes from Northern Europe, and would have likely been worn by a member of community as a show of loyalty, manhood or wealth.

The stunning green colour comes with age in its time it would have been a bright bronze.

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c. 800-600 BC. Celtic Bronze Age. Heavy cast bronze bracelet with a curved section and sheer terminals, now patinated in a stunning turquoise green. In bronze age societies, arm rings and bracelets were not just decorative, but also served to mark bonds of loyalty between a lord and his followers in a culture where honour was a matter of life and death. Such items were also. given to young men to mark their coming of age and bracelets of precious metals were also used as currency in a time before the widespread availability of coinage. Excellent condition, superb patina.

Size: L:55mm / W:71mm ; 35g

Provenance: Property of an established London gallery; acquired from a private estate collection formed before 2000.

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