This large beautiful brooch shows the craftsmanship in ancient Celtic garments.

Everyone would have worn brooches and pins to secure their clothes, so decorative examples are common. A large brooch like this with the delicate twisting shows it was made with great care and was some expense to the owner.

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C. 800 BC, Bronze Age. A beautiful large Celtic bronze brooch made from a coiled wire forming two large circular disks with elegantly coiled terminals. Remains of the catch plate and pin are visible on the reverse. This type is sometimes referred to as a “spectacle brooch” due to the distinctive shape of the coils, which recalls the shape of modern eyeglasses. Excellent condition; beautiful patina.

Size: L:79mm / W:165mm ; 174g

Provenance: Property of a professional Ancient art and jewelry expert; previously with a London gallery; initially from a private British collection formed in the 1990s.

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