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Tang Dynasty, c. 618-907 AD. Chinese. Beautifully crafted polychrome terracotta horse on a rectangular base, with elegant and tassled trappings, blanket, and saddle draped over its back in black and green, as it bows its head to its hooves with an open mouth, as if braying. The tail is docked and full of motion. The body is mostly red with green, white, and black decoration, and the posture and craftsmanship are highly naturalistic. Horses were very important status symbols during the Tang dynasty, and were awarded after victorious military campaigns. Tang emperors often described their horses in great details, showing us a high level of affection for these animals. This piece has been precisely dated having undergone Thermo Luminescence analysis by Ralf Kotalla, an independent German Laboratory. The samples collected date the piece to the period reflected in its style, whilst also showing no modern trace elements. Its TL certificate with full report will also accompany this lot.

Size: L:1070mm / W:205mm ; 1.3kg

Provenance: Important collection from Oxford; ex. D. Ruskin; formerly in a gallery; ex. British collection formed in the 1990s.

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