This amulet made of Faience follows a long lasting tradition of amulets in Ancient Egyptian religious and cultural practice.

This Faience amulet has been glazed in a green glaze, this colour often being used to symbolise regeneration. As Thoth helped with the judgement before the aftermath, it may have been a call for the positive rebirth of the mummy it was placed with!

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Late Period, c. 663-323 BC. Egyptian. Green glazed faience amulet of a baboon representing the knowledge god Thoth. It is shown crouching on a plinth with its arms between its legs and the remains of a lunar disc atop its head, showing it is the lunar god Thoth rather than a regular baboon. Thoth was a patron of scribes and was associated with all forms of knowledge and wisdom, from history to medicine to architecture. It was said that he brought all forms of knowledge to mankind, that he assisted in managing the scales at the judgement of the dead, and that he was a god of the moon because of his crescent-shaped ibis beak.

Size: L:47mm / W:22mm ; 15g

Provenance: From a private London collection; acquired on the UK art market in the 1960s/70s.

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