This Gilded Montefortino helmet stands out as an exquisite example of the most famous Roman style of helmet. Worn by all soldiers, this XRF tested example would have likely been for a higher rank soldier or in a parade setting.

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C. 100-50 BC. Roman. Very rare gilded bronze Montefortino bronze helmet with rounded bowl, folded brim and projection on the top for attaching a plume. The Monterfino-type helmet was a mainstay of Roman soldiers during the Roman Republic, because it provided excellent protection while also allowing for a full field of vision. This particular piece is has traces of gilt surviving indicating that it was probably a parade piece worn during a triumph. This makes it particularly rare and different to other Montefortino helmets. Excellent condition.

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In order to confirm its authenticity, this piece has undergone X-Ray Fluorescence analysis by an independent Belgian Laboratory. The samples collected show the chemical composition to reflect the typical metal contents of the described period, whilst also showing no modern trace elements in the patina.

Size: L:185mm / W:240mm ; 855g

Provenance: property of a Central London Gallery, formerly in the collection of Mr Gunther Freudenberger since 1947.

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