This beautiful pair of gold earrings are from the Byzantine Empire in what is modern day Turkey and the middle east.

As a culture, Byzantine people loved to express themselves and their status with gold jewellery. There were numerous gold deposits within the bounds of the empire that made gold jewellery available to many. It also meant the skilled craftsmen of the empire had lots of time to get used to their craft and create beautiful filigree like we have on show here.

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1100-1300 AD. Byzantine. A stunning pair of gold earrings each with a wide hoop, fine catch plate, and circular openwork body comprising a cross design framed by four concentric registers of elegant filigree decorations arranged in geometric patterns. Suspended from the body are three filigree pendants each threaded with three stone beads in various colours. The medieval empire of Byzantium was justly famous for the elegance of its jewellery, whether in precious metals for the royalty and aristocracy, or in bronze for people further down the social ladder. These beautiful items may once have belonged to a Byzantine noblewoman. Excellent condition; wearable.

Size: L:85mm / W:18mm ; 25g

Provenance: Property of a professional London art expert; obtained from an old British collection formed in the 1970-80s.

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