Oinochoe were common in the ancient greek world, they were used for drinking, religious ceremonies and large banquets. However, one with detail such as this is rare indeed.

A beautiful face with a patterned headdress, she follows the ‘Ladies of Fashion’ trend in ancient Greek pottery. This is such an unusual and statement piece for any collection with a strong provenance and bright colours.

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c. 460 to 450 BCE. Greek/Attic. A Cook Class ceramic oinochoe in the form of a female head with dark brown hair swept back over the ear. Her elegant arched brow and large eyes are carefully picked out in a black pigment; her prominent nose sits above full, pursed lips and a strong chin. The vessel is equipped with a high, ear-shaped handle and trefoil rim. This gorgeous item would maka an excellent centrepiece for any collection. Vessels like this one would have been used both in domestic contexts and during religious rituals. For a similar example, see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Accession Number: 01.8.7. Excellent condition.

Size: L:170mm / W:90mm ; 755g

Provenance: Property of a Central London Gallery, acquired by a private British collector, formerly in a Orange County, California, USA collection; ex-property of a New York Gallery; ex-Rhode Island collection, ex Sotheby’s, New York, USA, December 10, 2009, lot #82

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