Worn by the citizen soldiers of Alexander the Great, the Chalcidian Helmet is distinctive in its design. The separate cheek guards were an extremely useful element, and showcase how important this helmet was in the growth of the Greek Empire.

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c. 500-300 BC, Classical down to Alexander the Great period. This beautiful two-part Greek Chalcidian helmet features a high-crested brown and hinged cheek pieces. Punched indentations on the interior would originally have been used for securing a cloth or leather padding. The Chalcidian helmet draws its name from pottery with which it was originally found and it is not known where this kind of helmet was invented. However, it seems to have been a late Classical evolution of the earlier Corinthian helmet, and was used from the later 5th century BC through to the Hellenistic period, including by Greek warriors in Southern Italy and by Alexander the Great’s troops when he conquered his enormous empire. For further discussion, see Heckel, Waldemar, and Jones, Ryan. Macedonian Warrior: Alexander’s Elite Infantryman. Osprey Publishing, 2006. Perfect condition with beautiful patina; on a custom-made stand.

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The artefact is fully authenticated with XRF analysis by an independent Belgian laboratory. All samples correspond to the metal content of the period specified; no modern trace elements were detected in the patina; expertly cleaned and conserved.

Size: L:270mm / W:220mm ; 620g;

Provenance: Property of a London doctor; formerly in the private collection of a gentleman living in Oxford; acquired from on the UK art markets since mid-1980s.

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