Gnathian Greek pottery is very distinctive. A community in south Italy, they were heavily inspired by Ancient Greek art and used their techniques. The black glaze with added decoration is very typical.

A Skypthos was used for drinking wine, so would have been present in nearly all ancient Greek homes!

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400-300 BC. Southern Italian. Gnathian skyphos with deep, curved sides, ring foot and two equally spaced loop handles. The exterior is painted black; four registers of painted decoration in cream and brown tones appear on the upper part of the body: these depict grapevines, indicating the vase’s use for pouring wine. Gnathian vases are a subtype of ancient Apulian vase painting of the 4th century BC, named for the ancient city of Gnathia (now Egnazia) in Eastern Apulia. Gnathian vases are characterised by the application of different paints directly onto the glazed vase body. Common themes depicted include erotes, images from the life of women, theatre scenes and Dionysian motifs. These vessels would have been used both in domestic contexts and during religious rituals. Excellent condition.

Size: L:130mm / W:83mm ; 180g

Provenance: From the private collection of C.S; formerly in a British collection formed in the 1980s on the UK / International art markets.

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