Greek Hellenistic Bronze Pilos Helmet


The helmet worn by the lowest ranking infantry soldier in Ancient Greece, the Pilos Helmet is what the standard soldier would have worn into battle.

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400-200 BC. Late Classical and Hellenistic period. A pilos or pileus helmet, in the form of a conical, brimless bronze cap. The pilos was originally a felt cap worn in Ancient Greece, Etruria, Illyria, Pannonia beyond. From the late 5th century BC onwards, a bronze version became popular as an infantry helmet, sometimes with the addition of a horsehair crest of plume. Excellent condition; on a custom stand.

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Size: L:140mm / W:210mm ; 725g;

Provenance: Property of a professional London art expert; obtained from an old British collection (T.L.) formed before 2000.

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