Oinochoe like this are a beautiful piece of ancient history.

Not only were they used for drinking at large dinner parties, but they were also used for libation practices where wine or other fluids were poured into a Phiale whilst prayers were read. The design of this picks it out to specifically south Italy. This was an area of the ancient mediterranean that at this point was heavily reliant on and inspired by the Greek communities and islands.

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C. 300 BC. South Italian. Oinochoe. An elegant oinochoe with high spout, thick, cylindrical neck, and a globular body sitting on a ring foot. The whole vessel is reserved in black, with stylised vine borders running around the neck and body. An oinochoe is a wine jug and a key form of ancient Greek pottery, used for pouring wine during symposia (communal drinking parties). Excellent condition.

Size: L:250mm / W:110mm ; 685g

Provenance: From the private collection of Mr. R. Unger; previously with a London gallery; acquired in before 2000 on the UK art market.

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