Named after the style of helmet found in an archaeological dig in Negau, this ancient Etrsucan helmet has an unusual almond shape that’s immediately recognisable.

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c. 450 – 350 BC Etruscan. A rare Etruscan bronze helmet of Negau type comprising a truncated conical helmet with a thin, instepped, slightly flaring rim. The Etruscans were an Italic people who occupied the area of modern Tuscany and neighbouring regions in Italy in the pre-Roman period, before coming into conflict and eventually being conquered by Rome. Negau type helmets are often associated associated with Etruscan priests and would have been an important status symbol among these Italic peoples. Excellent condition

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In order to confirm its authenticity, this piece has undergone X-Ray Fluorescence analysis by an independent Belgian Laboratory. The samples collected show the chemical composition to reflect the typical metal contents of the described period, whilst also showing no modern trace elements in the patina.

Size: L:215mm / W:230mm ; 520g

Provenance: property of a Central London Gallery, acquired by a British collector, formerly in a private J.H. collection, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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