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C. 200 AD. Roman imperial Period. This beautiful gold ring features a D-shaped hoop and an oval bezel featuring a dark age intaglio featuring figures of a Tyche shown in profile (left) facing the Emperor Macrinus. The Tyche is shown with covered hair; a crown made of city walls sits atop her head. Macrinus, an emperor famous for his shaggy hair and full beard, is depicted wearing a radiate crow. A Tyche (from the ancient Greek for ‘luck’ or ‘fortune’), a female protective deity who looked after the fate and prosperity of cities in the Roman Empire, can be identified by the presence of an elaborate crown such as the one worn by this individual. Macrinus, a short-lived emperor who reigned from April 217 to 8 June 218, claimed the throne while in the Eastern Mediterranean. Although he was soon defeated in battle at Antioch, captured in Chalcedon, and later executed, several eastern provinces had, during Macrinus’ short reign, proclaimed their loyalty to him. In view of this evidence, it is possible that this beautiful item may have belonged to a local magistrate in a city loyal to this ill-fated emperor.

Excellent condition; wearable.

Size: UK: T US: 9 5/8

Provenance: Private London collection, formed in the 1990s on the UK and European art market.

RINGS 8 - 10.5

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