The standard issue helmet for the Roman soldier, the Montefortino design carried the Roman empire across Europe, northern Africa and Western Asia. Its simple but effective design is a real tribute to the innovation of the Roman army and makes this piece a key piece of military history.

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C. 100-50 BC. Roman. Very rare bronze Montefortino bronze helmet with rounded bowl, folded brim and projection on the top for attaching a plume. The Montefortino-type helmet was a mainstay of Roman soldiers during the Roman Republic, because it provided excellent protection while also allowing for a full field of vision. Excellent condition with minor repair at the back; beautiful patina; on a custom stand.

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XRF analysis by an independent Belgian laboratory. All samples correspond to the metal content of the period specified; no modern trace elements were detected in the patina; expertly cleaned and conserved.

Size: L:190mm / W:215mm ; 1.9kg;

Provenance: From the collection of a London doctor; formerly in established Belgian collection; previously acquired in the early 1970s from A. Bullock in Derbyshire.

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