This small piece might seem fairly typical, but it has such an interesting history. It shows the meeting of Roman and Celtic cultures in the periods of Roman colonisation, showing us perhaps there were not always enemies but there was some lower down collaboration.

Whether it’s a god, local prince or just everyday man it doesn’t take away from the captivating nature of this piece.

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C. 100-200 AD. Roman period. A stunning bronze Romano-British head of a youth, with carefully modelled, medium-length hair which is parted in the middle to form slight a crab-claw pattern reminiscent of the Emperor Augustus. The youth’s eyes are large, expressive and the small pupils create the impression that they are looking into the far distance and suggesting an otherworldly quality. The aquiline nose, thin lips and strong chin also project an air of nobility, perhaps indicating that this individual should be identified with a Romano-celtic prince or a deity. Excellent condition; on a custom stand.

Size: L:(w stand) 135g, (w/o stand) 55mm / W:40mm ; (with stand) 285g

Provenance: From the private collection of Mr. D.G.; previously with a London gallery; acquired in the 1980s on the UK art market.

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