You might know the Vikings for their prowess in battle, but they left behind them a vast amount of beautiful jewellery.

Both men and women would adorn themselves with bracelets, amulets, brooches and rings for battle, special occasions and the everyday. These items were not only a way of showing off the spoils of war or conquest, they also showed religious and familial devotions. Take this arm ring, it represents the large snake of Jormungand, who is said to inhabit the seas. Associated with Raganork, the Viking end of the world, this arm ring that evokes the serpent is a powerful symbol.

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c. 8th-12th century AD. Viking. Finely crafted bracelet made of twisted bronze wires with a rich green patina, penannular . Wearable. Jewellery was an important part of viking culture, for men and women alike. Contrary to modern ideas of vikings, historical chroniclers like English monk John of Wallingford recorded that the Vikings took great interest in their physical appearance. Moreover, jewellery was used as a status indicator, so precious materials and elaborate designs were favoured.

Size: L:57mm / W:82mm ; 47g

Provenance: Property of a North London gentleman; previously acquire on the UK/European art market before 2000

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