Tools like an Iron Knife were a daily part of a Viking’s life. Not only could they be used in battle, but also in cooking, hunting and general maintenance tasks.

This knife blade is small and slim so would have likely been used for delicate hand tasks – like skilfully carving meat or wood. The handle is a reconstruction of the typical wood or bone designs that we see preserved in the rarest of Viking archaeological finds.

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c. 8th-12th century AD. Viking. Slender iron blade set in a reconstructed wooden handle with rows of dots and ending with a monstrous head. Blades like this one probably had a military function and were taken on raids as back-up weapons; several have been found in battlefield excavations, though they may also have had more practical domestic functions. The handles for these knives were typically made of wood or bone.

Size: L:250mm / W:100mm ; 320g

Provenance: From an old British collection formed in the 1990s; previously acquired in Germany.

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