What could be more Viking than Thor’s Hammer! This silver pendant tells a story of religious devotion, amuletic protection and strength.

People of all genders, ranks and profession wore jewellery in Viking communities. However, as this piece is made in silver it was likely to have been owned by a wealthier individual.

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C. 700-1100 AD. Viking Age. A silver pendant representing Thor’s hammer comprising with rivetted suspension hoop, vertical plate shaft, and a horizontal head in the shape of a wide-angled chevron and decorated with a series of stamped triangles containing three raised dots. In Norse mythology Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, is the greatest of all the gods’ treasure as it represents Thor’s role as a protector of both humans and the gods from the ever-present threat of the giants. When worn a pendant or adorning jewellery this symbol represents Thor’s sacred function as a protective deity and served an amuletic function. Excellent condition; wearable.

Size: L:35mm / W:21mm ; 7.6g

Provenance: Property of a professional Ancient art and jewelry expert; previously with a London gallery; initially from a private British collection formed in the 1990s.

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